When the whole country is celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, the question I ask today is, have we really earned the right to celebrate anything to do with this man when we have violated every single tenet that he had held dear? …

I am putting myself at great risk and getting into unchartered territories by writing this because I am neither an economist nor a sociologist. I am just a social worker who deals with the maladies of society on a daily basis.

This COVID19 phenomenon has thrown open several lacuna and…

In spite of all our personal introspection, mindfulness and self-awareness practices, it is during moments of the deep crisis that the self-realization takes on a different dimension.

This enforced COVID 19 lockdown has kept many things in control but flushed out many things as well. It has kept the pollution…

Shukla Bose

Founder @parikrma. Interested in child development, women empowerment, education transformation & impact dynamics. RTs not endorsements

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